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Discovering wines and the soil that produced them, learning how to distinguish them one from another and understand the way they were made, isn't that the dream of all amateur, whether he turns out to be a real beginner or someone with a little experience in the matter?

In its catalogue, the Cassis House of wine offers you a selection of great vintages that will delight you in all occasions, whether you savor them with your family and friends or decide to offer them as gifts to your business partners and your evening hosts.

All throughout this selection, we have tried to introduce wines that fit both our taste and our philosophy. It is our pleasure to share these with you as well.

Whether it is a simple table wine or a great vintage, wine is a precious product. Treat it as such and the rewards will be yours. So, whether you select a wine for your own pleasure or somebody else's, whether it is to welcome your friends at home or to use as a gift, make sure to consult the House of Wines for the best possible choice.

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Route de Marseille D559
13260 Cassis
Tél. : (33) 4 42 01 15 61


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