1. Claim

For all Orders accomplished on the present Site, the Client has a right of claim of 14 days as from the delivery of the Product. It is up to him to prove the visible state of Products during delivery. Failing reservations expressly issued during delivery, Products are reputed correspondent to Order.

To exercise this right of claim, the Client must forward to the Society, in the ACTUAL address OF THE MARL (13260) BLACKCURRANTS, a statement in which he expresses his reservations and claims, matched by the there accruing documentary evidence (form of reception countersigned by the conveyor, photographs)

A claim not respecting conditions described above will not be able to be accepted.

The Society will repair, replace or reimburse the Product or its elements as soon as possible and in its expenses, subject to the material possibility of repairing the Product or of its availability in supply.

2. Right of retraction of the Consumer

The Consumer has a right of retraction of 14 days as from the signing of Order, except for products mentioned in the article L.221-28 of the Code of consumption.

To exercise this right of retraction, the Consumer uses the form " has Form of retraction "envisaged with this effect on the Site.

Products must have gone back to their packing of origin and to perfect condition in 14 days as from the notification of retraction to the Society by the Consumer. The direct costs of dismissal stay payable by the Consumer.

It will be reimbursed the totality of expenses poured for the signing of Order in 14 next days the catch of knowledge by the Society of its statement of retraction.

Refund will be made by the same means of payment as that used in the purchase.

To achieve the form of retraction: click here .