1. Processing of personal data

The recording on the Site draws away the data processing with personal character of the Client. If the Client refuses the treatment of his data, one asks him for it to refrain from using the Site.

This data processing with personal character is made respecting the General Regulations on the Protection of Data 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016.

Moreover, in accordance with Computer law and Freedom of January 6th, 1978, the Client has a right of questioning, any time, with access, with correction, with modification and with opposition to all his personal data by writing, by post and by giving proof of its identity, at following address: Avenue of the Marl (13260) BLACKCURRANTS.

These personal data are necessary for the treatment of its Order and for the establishment of its bills if necessary, as well as for the improvement of the functionality of the Site.

2. Distribution of collected data

The Site can have recourse to third societies to perform some operations. By sailing the Site, the Client accepts that third societies could have access to its data to allow the good functioning of the Site.

These third societies do not have access to collected data which in centres it of the realisation of a definite task.

The Site remains representative for the treatment of these data.

Moreover, the User can therefore be led to receive information or commercial offer on behalf of the Society or of the its partners.

The User can any time oppose to the reception of this commercial offer, by writing at the Society pointed out above, or by clicking on link envisaged with this effect within received emails.

Moreover, the information of the Clients will be able to be transmitted in thirds without their prior express agreement to attain following purposes:

  • to respect law
  • to protect every person against serious personal injury, or even death
  • to struggle against fraud or attacks carried to the Society or to its users
  • to protect the rights of possession of the Society.

3. Protection of data

The Society assures a level of security appropriate and proportional to risks incurred as well as to their likelihood, in accordance with the General Regulations on the Protection of Data 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016.

However, these measures constitute a guarantee under no circumstances and do not commit the Society to an obligation of result concerning the security of data.

4. Cookies

To allow his Users to benefit from an optimum navigation on the Site and from a better functioning of different interfaces and applications, the Society is likely to establish a cookie on the computer of the User. This cookie allows to stock information relating to navigation in the Site, as well as to possible data grabbed by the Users (notably researches, login, email, password).

The User authorises expressly the Society to deposit a file on the hard disk of the user says "Cookie".

The User has the possibility of jamming, of changing the length of conservation, or of abolishing this cookie via the interface of his navigator. If the systematic deactivation of cookies on the navigator of the User prevents him from using some services or functionality of the Site, this dysfunction could constitute a damage under no circumstances for member who will be able to aspire to no indemnification of this fact.