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Price €8.90

<strong>Domaine du Cagueloup</strong>+ Rose 2018 Bottle...

Domaine du Cagueloup
Rose 2018 Bottle 0.75l

Price €14.00
<strong>Couronne de Charlemagne</strong>+ White 2019...

Couronne de Charlemagne
White 2019 Bottle 0.75l

Price €16.60

Le Cassis Blanc du Domaine Couronne de Charlemagne est floral avec une superbe minéralité.

Domaine du Paternel

Domaine du Paternel

Price €18.00

The Domaine du Paternel AOC Cassis has been in our family for three generations. Heirs of this land, we cultivate it with respect and passion for intact preservation and transmission to future generations.

<strong>Bodin</strong>+ Rose N.C Magnum 1.5 l

Rose N.C Magnum 1.5 l

Price €39.90

The name "BODIN" embodies the image of Cassis so much that at a congress of mayors of France in Cagliari, the mayor of the time was presented as the mayor of Cassis-Bodin!